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Everloving Pride

Everloving Pride

Graphics to help you welcome and celebrate LBGTQIA+ people year-round!

Download these as jpegs or as Canva Templates, proportioned for Instagram. If you use them, tag @stonerollercoop! We would love to see who is sending signals with our work!

We are creating a range of styles so more groups may find what they are looking for–if you want a message in another style, send suggestions here!

Collection 1:
Posts for Churches & Church-y Places

Collection 2:
Posts for General Niceness

More to come!

Why make these?
Why give them away?

I grew up thinking that I was not welcome in church. I missed out on the community, the shared vision, the hope others were able to access. Now, I have found a house of worship that welcomes me and my family as we are. There are spaces where people gather to share belief and support social justice, science, and progressive poplitical