World-Class Design for Doers of Good!

Design solutions with accessible pricing plans for community-building services, nonprofits, schools, and houses of worship.

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Our Mission

We cut out all of the rigmarole and concentrate on creating thoughtfully crafted design components you need to fulfill your mission!

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Our Motivation

We are motivated by our personal ethos, faith, and dedication to social justice for all.

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Our Capability

We have years of experience working in the educational,  nonprofit, and faith-based sectors.

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Our Dream

We are creating a sustainable way to support doers of good and change the world!

How to Get Started

You have a mission to fulfill. We want to get to work! We have boiled the process down to a simple few steps.

Choose the membership tier that works best for you and your team.

Visit your Client Portal once we send you the link. Add all the detailed requests you want.

We begin work and deliver each request one by one. Most solutions take 3 business days!

Working with your feedback, we revise any design until you are 100% satisfied.

Screen, Print, Branding–We Can Do It!

  • Website Development
  • Annual Reports
  • Service Programs
  • Wireframes
  • Web & Social Media Graphics
  • Logos & Branding
  • Team Training Materials
  • Icons
  • Graphics
  • Materials for Fundraisers & Galas
  • Strategy
  • Infographics
  • Packaging
  • Signage Systems
  • Business Cards & Stationery

Membership Plans

These plans apply to organizations with 30 or fewer employees.

Choose the plan that fits your team and budget!


Save $500 per month.
Paid quarterly.


What's included:
  • Private client portal via Trello
  • Flat rate & easy credit-card payments
  • Excellent design
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited stock photos via iStock
  • Weekly status meeting module available for complex projects


Save $1000 per month.
Paid annually.


What's included:
  • Private client portal via Trello
  • Flat rate & easy credit-card payments
  • Excellent design
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited stock photos via iStock
  • Weekly status meeting module available for complex projects

Web Development Add-on


We develop websites in either Webflow, Wordpress, or Squarespace.
  • This add-on requires a design subscription.
  • Once we design, build, and launch the site, you can cancel this.

Large Institutions

We have special rates for organizartions with 30 employees or more

Large Institution Annual

Organizations with 30 or more employees. Paid annually.


For larger institutions, we offer an annual subscription. What's included:

  • Dedicated designer for your needs
  • Private client portal via Trello
  • Flat rate & easy credit-card payments
  • Excellent design
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited stock photos via iStock
  • Pause or cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a designer on staff. How can Stoneroller help my team?
We are here to strengthen your team! We have capabilities you may not be able to access or not need all of the time. With a subscription you can turn on and off, we are able to be those extra pairs of hands for those crucial times. We thrive on collaboration and would welcome a chance to supplement your already great team!
Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer, a freelancer, or a traditional agency?
We have worked in all of these capacities and know the advantages and disadvantages to each. A full-time senior-level designer is now paid around $100,000, plus benefits, and you're stuck paying for time that your group does not use. Design agencies are expensive and often have bloated timelines, if they even consider working with teams without expansive budgets. Freelancers often need to scramble for work and become distracted. We respect each of these ways of operating, but we want to provide a design service, right here and now.

Stoneroller is a subscription you can pause if you need to, so you get the design support you need when you need it!
Your rates are a bit high for our small budget. How will Stoneroller be worth the investment?
Let's say you are a church who does not have anyone on staff who can design programs, create social media graphics, or perform website updates. We can fill that role for however long you need the assistance! Try the Monthly Tier and use the pause function to get the work you need for the value your budget demands!
Your rates are lower than other estimates we have gotten. How does Stoneroller stand up to more expensive studios?
We decided to cut out all of the fluff that traditional studios are structured to include: in-person meetings, large in-house teams, and long stretches of billable time. Instead, we think on our feet, we ask you to give feedback at every stage as a collaborator, and we work completely online. The fact that you subscribe before we start means we can keep our fees lower than most because we aren't having to scramble for our next paying gig. We just want to make beautiful, functional things to help you change the world!
What sorts of organizations do you serve?
We are here to help those who uplift others. Each member of our group has years of experience working in the educational, religious, art, and nonprofit sectors. Stoneroller is dedicated to providing the best possible design service to mission-driven groups who might find traditional design services too expensive.
When you say fast delivery, what do you mean?
Having been in the business of design for 20+ years, we know that nearly all of our general projects can be completed within 3 business days or less. It all depends on how fast we receive feedback and approval from you.

If you have a complex request, our team breaks the project into smaller parts to keep the momentum going. We do observe major federal holidays, but we make sure to get the work you submit done, one job at a time!
What if I am not happy with the design?
Design is a collaboration, and we use your feedback through your Client Portal to refine every piece until you are satisfied! We are here to create thoughtful, well-crafted design to meet your needs and assume that we have to be responsive to your needs, ideas, and feelings when it comes to the work you ask us to do. We work on one request at a time to make sure we can work quickly and with deep focus!
What if I only have a single request?
That's fine, all you need to do is pause your subscription when we have finished the work and return when you have additional design needs. There's no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste. We are here when you need us!
How do I request designs?
You request all designs using your Client Portal, which we provide using the service Trello. We provide onboarding to our process so you can add notes, images, videos, and documents to your board whenever you want! That way, we  eliminate email threads, needless calls, and lost notes!

Essentially, if you can share it with us through your Trello Client Portal, we are happy to use it to create the best work we can for you!
Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?
No! Once subscribed, you're able to add as many design requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.
Do you take meetings or are you on Slack?
No, not beyond the initial call. Working with us is asynchronous. The less time we spend in meetings and messaging, the more time we have to design your projects. All correspondence takes place alongside your projects on Trello. We do have a weekly status meeting module available if your team needs to check in on complex projects.
How does the pause feature work?
We know you might not have enough creative work to keep you busy for a whole month. You might only have one or two orders for designs at the moment. So, pausing your subscription is a good idea! The length of a billing run is 31 days. Let's say you sign up for the service, use it for 21 days, and then decide to stop using it. This means that your payment cycle will be put on hold, and you will have 10 days of service left to use whenever you want.
What kind of design do you create?
Our talented designers can design everything from branding, strategy, print materials to a website! Check out this list for some ideas.
Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?
Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued. We work hard to communicate clearly, deliver quickly, and provide solutions of which you can be proud. We recommend starting with a monthly plan to assess our service and determine if it meets your needs and expectations.

We are so happy to speak with you on a call before you commit so you know we are a good fit!

Why Choose Stoneroller?

We know this is not the traditional way to find design help—we think it’s better!

We know this world of mission-driven service to others because we have worked in it for years!

We replace pricey, slow agencies and unreliable or overworked freelancers with one streamlined service.

We support your exiting staff and fill  any design skill gaps, enabling you to find great people to work onsite!

One reliable fee, no surprises! You know exactly how much you are spending at any time.

All work is done remotely, so meetings happen only when we need them! No wasted time or long email threads!

Your whole team is welcome to use the service–they just submit requests to your client portal!

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